Alexis Naylor unveils her haunting debut album ‘pages from a past life’

Alexis Naylor is songwriter on a mission. Her debut album pages from a past life is thirteen letters of heartfelt balladry. Led by her skills as a master of the keys, you’ll be swept up in her melismatic vocals and poetry.

Originally based in Perth, Naylor has studied music at JMC Academy in Melbourne. She’s also travelled extensively overseas to sing at festivals and gigs. As a result, this worldliness is felt in her ability to tap into a deeper sense of self within her songwriting.

Alexis Naylor brings celestial romance and warm-bodied intimacy on her debut album pages from a past life.

The leading single of the album, casualty, follows a classic structure. Reminiscent of the feminine prowess of artists like Delta Goodrem, Dido, and Celine Dion, Naylor leans into the unapologetic execution of the classic power ballad. Her vocals are the hero of her craft, treacly and rich.

Naylor’s favoured lower register affords real, unabashedly emotional expression on you & her. This second single explores the album’s central themes of heartbreak, betrayal, and ultimately, self discovery. A seductive guitar wields the feathery harmonies and piano together. Naylor has opted for a stripped-back and raw approach where possible, making for near perfect production.

A military style beat drives the uplifting track diamond, the album’s standout. Echoey effects add another layer and inspire a chalky edge. It’s here that Naylor demonstrates her restraint in never overcomplicating a good song.

The majority of the album remains melancholy and evocative. Subsequently, as each new track unfolds, a new facet of romance is explored. Explosions of pop bring you back and between tracks, Naylor allows the inclusion of infectious outtakes and voice memos to keep the album youthful. As a result, the listener can sigh out some of the sheer intensity that continues to build throughout.

Naylor is one woman to keep an eye on. She’s documented part of her recording process and you can take a behind the scenes look below. Check out her virtual listening party tonight.