ALIBII explore overthinking and tantalising obsession on new single Figure 8

Prepare to be swept away by ALIBII’s Figure 8—a mesmerizing fusion of indie rock and synth pop that takes you on a journey of haunting verses, dance-worthy choruses, and a tantalizing blend of 2000s pop, alternative rock, and electronica.

Indie rock, synth pop duo ALIBII release Figure 8, an energetic and intense track that swims through the stages of obsession. The dual vocals and Will and Court complement each other constantly, creating the feeling of conversation despite the prevailing sense of loneliness and isolation. 

Melodically, Figure 8 conjures memories of British Alt Rock group You Me At Six, or The xx, though with a chorus that wouldn’t seem out of place on a debut Katy Perry record. An endearing blend of accessibility and emotion. What begins as an eerie, ghostlike verse slowly transitions into a dance-worthy, synth lead chorus.


As Will’s verse emerges, his vocals weave into the sonic tapestry with standout exquisite precision, amplifying the already heightened pace and evoking intense emotions. Meanwhile, Court’s alluringly smooth tone keeps us anchored as the song surges forward. ALIBII masterfully strikes a captivating balance between the realms of 2000s pop, alternative rock, and electronica, creating an alluringly menacing and seductive experience.

Figure 8 carries the heated attitude of a Broods song, and the genre melding to match. I wanna want you/and I wanna run, sing Court and Will, their tones sinking into one another like oil into paint. Lyrically, ALIBII create a sense of only partially tethered sanity. The bridge with its repetition of lyric and melody along with the arpeggiated synth is dizzying. In some ways, Figure 8 feels like an emo classic, something that Panic! At the Disco would have slotted between their more ambitious moments. 

ALIBII capture the sonic equivalent of overthinking and dangle it above our heads, taunting and offering escape at once. The walls close in and the ceiling starts to crumble, the only reprieve is knowing that someone else feels it too. I fall too fast/I fall too deep, an admission that feels more like an insult. Structurally, Figure 8 is a perfect pop rock song.

Will’s howling vocals in the chorus and bridge, Court’s whispered tone and breathy delivery and the synth that sounds like it was pulled straight from Evacuate The Dance Floor by Cascade are just a few of the more attractive moments. ALIBII have not only joined in on the industry’s current affinity for nostalgia, they’ve created something new in the process. 

Listen to Figure 8 below.