“All humans must self-isolate!” Daleks have taken over UK streets

UK officials have put a new dystopian spin on authority by sending out a Dalek with an important message for the public in true Hot Fuzz style. A video of the Doctor Who extraterrestrial character moving through UK streets has gone viral, accumulating mixed reviews across social media threads.

“By order of the Daleks, all humans must stay indoors. All humans must self-isolate!” croaks the Dalek robot in a distorted voice.

A video of a Dalek zooming through the empty streets of a UK fishing town has emerged, urging the public to stay inside during the pandemic.

Some people found the stunt amusing as it brought back fond memories of the sci-fi show while others seemed to be haunted by the prospect of an alien roaming the deserted streets of a suburban UK town.

“Am I the only one to feel a genuine shiver of fear watching this? As a child I would most certainly have been hiding behind the sofa. And if a Cyberman came marching down the road, that would be it, I’d be running for my life!”, one frightened Twitter user responded.


The stunt definitely raises questions about the ongoing debate between man vs. machine, as we transition into stranger times of increased technological reliance and surveillance. Maybe George Orwell was right. It really is the apocalypse if sci-fi aliens zoom through the streets while we all peek through the blinds of our windows.

Check out the video below: