Amazon MMO is reportedly destroying beta testers’ expensive RTX 3090s

Amazon MMO New World is being blamed for destroying various beta testers’ valuable and scarce RTX 3090 graphics cards. If true, there is a strong argument that Amazon should be held responsible and reimburse the effected gamers.

The upcoming Amazon MMO (massively multiplayer online game) New World has already hit a number of hiccups on its path to release. It has already been delayed by over a year, and now in a blunder that could send prospective players scrambling, it just been accused of destroying some players’ highly prized RTX 3090s.

The RTX 3090, the graphics cards in question, are enormously valuable due to the worldwide shortage of various computer chips and associated production materials. In the current market they have been known to fetch around $4,000 AUD.

amazon mmo rtx 3090
Image: New World / Amazon Games

So as you can imagine a beta tester, who is already volunteering their attention and time to make the Amazon MMO a better product free of charge, wouldn’t be too pleased to see their extraordinarily expensive property damaged due to poor design. It’s a nightmare scenario that recalls the old adage ‘no good deed goes unpunished’.

Disgruntled (to put it lightly) beta testers have taken to Reddit and Twitter to voice their frustration and fears. Currently there doesn’t appear to be a great deal of consensus among opinions, with some suggesting the RTX 3090s themselves are to blame.

Whoever is to blame it will likely prove a costly error, as a class action lawsuit appears the likely outcome if another solution isn’t first reached.

New World, the Amazon MMO that has been deemed by many as responsible, is a pretty exciting title that is looking to take the genre into the next-gen. While World of Warcraft is still providing gamers with nostalgic content, New World‘s improved graphics are adding a level of polish and fidelity rarely seen in the genre due to technological limitations.

This situation is showing that there may well have been a good reason for this – the technology still isn’t ready.

This story is still developing, but considering what you may have to lose, we recommend holding off on playing Amazon’s MMO until everything is sorted out. An RTX 3090 is simply too high a cost to pay for slaying a few nicely rendered demons with online friends.