Turns out Pornhub gets more visitors per month than Netflix, and I’m looking at you

You dirty dogs: apparently Pornhub is more popular than Netflix and I’m just going to leave this here.

In news that may or may not surprise, a new report suggests that Pornhub gets even more visitors than everyone’s favourite binge go-to Netflix, and that’s saying something.

Even more popular than Pornhub, apparently, are adult sites XVideos and XNXX, as well as social media platforms Twitter, Facebook, and of course, Google.

pornhub vs netflix

Conducted by similarweb, the report ranks the busiest websites in the world, as at June 2022. It reveals that three porn sites, including pornhub.com, feature in the top 20, surprisingly, ahead of Netflix and TikTok.

XVideos just scrapes into the top 10, taking out the tenth spot and raking in billions of visits each month. Top dog is (of course) Google, with YouTube trailing closely behind in second place. Further down the list is porn site xnxx.com, which sits at #12 on the list. Pornhub is not too far behind it, sitting at 14th place.

Credit: similarweb.com

Let’s face it, we all google pornhub at one point or another. But on a heavier note, as we revisit the news that initially surfaced in 2020, regarding Pornhub’s website profiting and enabling sex trafficking, the campaign launched at the time called for the closure of the site. This led to a petition which generated almost two million signatures. To find out more about #Traffickinghub, head here.

When it comes to pornhub vs ethical sites, choose ethical sites every time. Pornhub 2020 incidents, including GirlsDoPorn, have shown us that it’s important to become part of a more positive change – one that doesn’t involve exploitation of unwilling participants, and minors getting involved in sex work.

Whether it’s xvideos vs pornhub, it’s abundantly clear that the pornhub website, and a number of others, are not ethical domains to consume xxx videos from. Luckily, there are better sites than pornhub google has to offer. So if you’re looking for alternatives, here’s a list of more ethical pornographic websites to check out. It’s no secret that NSFW videos are better enjoyed guilt-free!