American company releases ‘politics scented candle’ made from real horse poo

Just last week we reported on Erykah Badu’s announcement that she would be making incense that smells like her vagina.

Now, it seems the trend of controversially-scented candles is becoming a thing. American company, Kentucky For Kentucky have just announced they will be making “politics scented candles”, whose main ingredient is none other than the fine organic produce of equine poop.

politics scented candles

An American company is the latest to jump on the recent customised-smelling candle train with their “politics scented candle”. The main ingredient? Horse poop.

Kentucky For Kentucky are a retail store that specialises in apparel and merch aimed at “engaging and informing the world by promoting Kentucky people, places, and products.”

The company has described that their new politics-scented candle is “made from real Kentucky horseshit for subtle notes of bureaucracy, hypocrisy and old farts.”

The product was created by candle-connoisseur Kathy Werking, just in time for the American primaries. The primary season is where voters can indicate their preference for an American political party’s candidate ahead of the presidential election.

Speaking further on the candle, the company described: “Ahh, politics. United, divisive, and smells like the same old shit. Burn it down and start over with a revolutionary new scented candle!”

The candle, which retails for 24 USD, promises a “subtle bouquet of profits over people, nothing ever changes, well whaddabout, also guns are actually people, and if you don’t like it maybe you should move to Canada!”

All of that between “layers of actual real deal dehydrated horse shit.”

On its use, Kentucky For Kentucky recommends that the candle is “perfect for family gatherings, comment sections, séances, and unprompted conversations in line at the convenience store.”

To find out more, or to purchase the candle, head over to the Kentucky For Kentucky website.

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