Suspicious ‘Among Us’ chicken nugget set to fetch $100k at eBay auction

A suspicious piece of chicken, that looks like a character from Among Us, is set to bring its lucky owner a windfall of over $100 000 USD.

The kind of stuff that people will spend their hard-earned money on is sometimes, to put it bluntly, mindboggling. Pieces of toast with ‘Jesus’ on it, gaming consoles made of solid gold – the absurdity seems to have no end. Enter: Among Us shaped chicken nugget.

The social online multiplayer game Among Us has more than its fair share of fans. Its exciting, often hilarious, mix of cat-and-mouse dynamics and whodunnit tension combine to create a game that is popular with a wide variety of streamers and gamers.

among us chicken nugget
Image: Among Us / Inner Sloth LLC

And wherever there is smoke there is fire. Or rather, wherever there is fandom there is bound to be stupidity.

An eBay auction, that went live on May 28, states that a user wants to sell an ‘Authentic Among us shaped Chicken McNugget that originated from a BTS Combo meal’. It also goes on to note that the product ‘has an average expiration of about 14 days and will be delivered prior to expiration‘… Which seems rather optimistic, at least when talking about a piece of chicken from McDonald’s. Although I guess preservatives are probably at work.

Image: BTS / BigHit

In an interview with CNET, the owner of the Among Us nugget, claimed he didn’t expect this kind of response – and that he believes the final bidder will likely back out of the deal at the last minute. Which makes one wonder why he bothered going through with this whole thing in the first place; but hey, welcome to the internet.

It should be noted that this Among Us chicken nugget is not in fact the first Among Us chicken nugget to exist, nor is it the first to end up at an auction. However, the fact that it was found in a BTS themed Happy Meal could explain why it has extra value to someone.

The inflated price could also be the result of the official Among Us Twitter account tweeting about the auction. Although if I’m honest, I don’t think we are going to find anything resembling rhyme or reason here. Sometimes things just happen, and we are but pawns in the game of fate and mystery – forever at the mercy of things we can’t fully comprehend. Such as Among Us chicken nugget.