Amongst the rabble of the Academy Awards, don’t forget that John Williams quietly became the most nominated person alive

Arguably the biggest awards ceremony in the world, the Academy Awards stand tall with the Grammy or Tony Awards in celebrating the absolute best in a creative medium.

This year the talk of the town is La-La Land, but while the rest of the world was arguing about whether Ryan Gosling can sing or not a certain composer sneakily became the most Academy Award nominated person alive.

most academy awards john williams star wars

What an utter legend: the 89th annual Academy Awards saw John Williams take up the helm as the world’s most officially recognised film composer.

Walt Disney remains the king of Academy Award nominations, sitting pretty at 59 over the course of his life. If you’re sensible enough to consider ‘frozen’ as ‘deceased’, then that makes Williams the world’s living leader. However at his current pace, seeing the composer hit 60 isn’t far off at all.

Williams earned his 50th nomination for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Via Forbes.