With Art in Mind: a gallery dedicated to understanding, protecting and sustaining mental health

With Art in Mind is the new exhibition taking place at the Zebra One Gallery, showcasing a string of works from contemporary artists dealing with mental issues.

With a goal of raising money for the Mental Health Foundation, the show is set to be a mixed bag of works from modern artists, blended with the likes of Salvador Dalí, Andy Warhol and Francis Bacon.

with art in mind kim noble
Kim Noble

With Art in Mind is a showcase of works that promote understanding, protecting and sustaining mental health through colourful means of self-expression.

With many artists having created works specifically for the show, the works are set to be a true reflection of the impact of mental disorders. Kim Noble is one of the artists showcasing her works, a woman with Dissociative Identity Disorder, where her works will explore the alter-egos of all 21 of her split personalities.

Charlie and Eddie Proudfoot, two brothers from New York who will also be showcasing their works, are using art as therapy and a means of communication with the outside world. Psychologist Lee Du Ploy who paints the patients and people he’s met over the past 30 years will also be contributing.

The aim is to raise awareness about mental health in a positive and creative way, using art as an example for self-expression, with a percentage of proceeds from the purchased paintings to go to the Mental Health Foundation. The exhibition opens on the 16th of November, at London’s Zebra One gallery.

Charlie and Eddie Proudfoot


Gerry Laffy
Salvador Dali, Neurology
Francis Bacon, Triptych

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