An essential item in your next home studio, wrap yourselves up in the psychedelic handmade carpets of Faig Ahmed

These conceptual rugs are handmade by artist Faig Ahmed using traditional looming techniques.

Tripping out a bit? Ahmed has redefined carpets as a vehicle to communicate ideas of “consciousness, language, transience, communication, and much more.”

rug2wpFascinated by ancient and modern language, Faig Ahmed has become world-renowned for his transfixing distortions of ancient rugs.

“By disrupting and re-imagining the visual code and structure of the rugs that were developed over the centuries in Caucasus, Turkey, Persia and India, Ahmed suggests new ideas about the nature of reality and the limits of human perception” says curator Nina Levent.

In his most recent exhibition, Source Code, Ahmed explores the nature of carpets as a visual communicator, even suggesting it has an unconscious power.

The exhibition, which showcases the incredible rugs, includes a re-imagining of a dragon carpet from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Blending the artistic persuasions of traditional Chinese art and modern graffiti street art with the words of Rumi, a 13th century poet – “Set your life on fire” – Ahmed addresses paradigms of language.

See more of these psychedelic carpets below: