An incredible track by track watercolour interpretation by Angie of her album Free Agent 

Sydney garage rocker Angie is one of the unpolished gems of Sydney music. Gritty and rough on the outside, her music has an innate beauty filled with stories of loneliness and self-reflection. Her latest offering Free Agent is an ode to freedom and self-discovery, a scrapbook of time spent overseas, tattered and torn into a lethal garage rock package.

She is also a brilliant visual artist, so it only makes sense to ask her to create a visual track by track of the record, accompanied by the most appropriate lyrics from each song. Put on Free Agent and take a moment to soak it all in. You’ll be better off for it.


Angie takes self-reflection to the next level with a series of watercolours to delve into the intricacies of Free Agent. Don’t touch the paintings please.

Breathing In Blue

“It’s in these twilight hours of contemplation when I think as much of the future as the past.”

Angie Free Agent

Crocodile Tears

“You can’t fight the pressure, you say it comes from within. Changing over all your leathers, but bad luck you still got the same skin.”

Angie Free Agent


Down For The Count

“Its so sublime, i’m not worried.. Slowly recooperating, in solitude.”



Crocodile Tears (Reprise)


Angie Free Agent


A Man Asleep


Angie Free Agent


Out of Age

“Enacting forms of Glory, in good time, we’ll sure find the reason….”

Angie Free Agent


Paris Face

 “Your true voice is the one that no-one speaks to… And you wonder why no-one really knows you at all.”

Angie Free Agent


Ricky’s Street

“Going in and out of fashion, always alone but never alone.”

Angie Free Agent


The Bells Ring True

“There’s a devil on your back, trying to spill that fat… Not getting you anywhere, and its a guilty pleasure.”

Angie Free agent


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