PREMIERE: Kaleidoscopes and cliff dives, Malo Zima go wild for Til It’s Gone

There’s something hauntingly beautiful about the new video from Malo Zima for their recent single Til It’s Gone. The track’s opening lyrics “I know just where I’m going, I can feel it on my skin” immediately opens the mind up to a sense of adventure and wanderlust. Teamed with the stunning landscape of the video, it takes us on a mind-clearing and peaceful journey through in-depth and thought provoking lyrics.

Malo Zima Til It's Gone video premiere

Hypnotic Brisbane five-piece Malo Zima translate their rich and textured sound into the video for Til It’s Gone.

Brisbanites Malo Zima started life as a two-piece bedroom outfit that took influence from the likes of Radiohead and Grizzly Bear. After developing into the five-piece it is now, the band has curated a rich, textured and smooth sound that has a sense of modesty and melancholy. Till It’s Gone is currently featured on triple J Unearthed, receiving glowing reviews and setting the standard high for their upcoming debut EP Cornerstone.

The video starts off seeming as though it is going to be more on the menacing and intense side. The heavy and fast paced drum beat follows a woman running through a dark forest hidden under a tall canopy of trees. Before you hear any lyrics, it almost gives the sense that the video is building up to convey some sort of horror movie scene. A sun-deprived forest and lone woman running generally ends in some sort of chase where the girl trips over a stick and is forever doomed.

But as soon as the angelic vocals of Amela Duheric kick in, the menacing feeling fades away, and a lighter, more weightless essence takes over. The video oozes a sense of isolation as our protagonist scrambles over rocks and over creeks, and gives off a sense of calmness. Combined with short hits of kaleidoscopic, woozy footage and the repetition of the lyric “It’s all coming back”, it almost feels like you are experiencing deja vu.

The ending appears to be left open to interpretation, with the woman jumping off a cliff into the depths of the water below. Is it going along the lines of the song title, Til It’s Gone, and symbolising the end for her, or is it representing the leap towards new beginnings? It’s one to ponder over, the carefully constructed lyrics and visually stunning video encourage the listener or viewer to think a little deeper.