New spyware app used for blackmail could be on your phone right now

A nasty piece of spyware has been discovered by experts on Android devices and apparently, it tracks everything you do! Here’s how to fix it.

A dodgy Android app keeps track of everything you do and sends that information to an unknown group, and this time, it isn’t TikTok. I can hear the Apple users laughing from here.

The experts from Lab52, an international cybersecurity group, discovered the app at the end of last week. The malicious program called ‘Process Manager’ is usually uploaded onto a device after users click on unsafe links.

android phones
Image: Android devices

Experts say that the program seems similar to previously seen spyware ‘Turla’ used by state-sponsored Russian hackers that would target European and American devices.

Appearing as a gear icon, similar to what your settings icon looks like, the app will ask for up to 18 different permissions once installed, like camera, files, location, etc.

Once the information has been collected by the unknown party, what they do with it is entirely up to them. It could be sold off to the highest bidder or, depending on the sort of ‘content’ on your phone, unknown parties could use it for blackmail. I totally don’t have anything blackmail worthy on my phone, why do you ask?

Mobile hacking
Image: Mobile hacking

If you want to protect yourself, head over to your device settings, look at your Apps or Apps and Notifications section and then look at Permissions.

Have a look at the different apps that have permissions to things like your camera, GPS, microphone, etc., and revoke the permissions if it is an app you don’t recognise.

Additionally, don’t click on suspicious-looking links sent via any messaging apps. I’m looking at you, boomers. Pro-tip for the millennials, you probably won’t get to meet milfs in your area just by clicking that link, don’t bother.