PREMIERE: Andy Bull’s ‘Define The Way You Feel’: Popping and Introspective

Andy Bull’s “Define The Way You Feel” showcases his artistry, delivering a catchy yet introspective track.

Andy Bull releases “Define The Way You Feel” out into the world today. As with his previous work, this latest offering showcases Andy’s impressive skills as both a writer and a producer.

The track’s introspective lyrics paired with its thumping bass and catchy melody create a unique and unforgettable experience for the listener. You can lose yourself in the rhythm and let the lyrics seep into your consciousness, pulling you into a rich inner world that’s just as vibrant and alive as the one outside.

Andy Bull

It’s a rare and special feeling – to be both completely lost in the moment and deeply connected to your own thoughts and emotions. But that’s the magic of music that truly speaks to us – it pulls us in different directions at once, giving us a chance to escape from the world around us while also diving deeper into our own selves. And when that music is paired with a thumping dancefloor, there’s simply no better place to be.

But what sets “Define The Way You Feel” apart is its fascinating backstory that adds even more depth to its already powerful message. Apparently, the title came from a conversation that Andy had with none other than Kanye West during a studio visit way back in 2008. 

He wrote the melody at that meeting, but unfortunately lost the recording in a fire that broke out in the studio while he was working on it. Yet, despite the setback, Andy refused to let this beautiful track fade into obscurity.

andy bull

Years later, in early 2023, he was reminded of that fateful night and decided to bring this song back to life. He recorded a new version of the track at the stunning Studios Saint Germaine in Paris, and the result is nothing short of magical. 

This speaks volumes about Andy’s unwavering dedication to his craft and his relentless pursuit of perfection. If you’re a fan of Andy’s music, you won’t want to miss his upcoming live shows  May 12th at Stay Gold in Melbourne, and 27th at The Vanguard Sydney.

And if “Define The Way You Feel” is any indication, his forthcoming singles are sure to be just as amazing. Andy Bull is back, and he’s better than ever. Get ready to fall in love with his music all over again.

Get lost in the mood that is ‘Define The Way you Feel.”