Here’s Happy Mag’s picks for the five must-see acts at Dark Mofo 2023

Tasmanian festival Dark Mofo is ushering its biggest musical program to date, in celebration of its tenth anniversary edition this June.

While the onset of the winter months means we are still far off from full-fledged festival season, there are a few Australian festivals who are eager enough to brave the cold.

That’s where Dark Mofo — the weeks-long Tasmanian festival of music and art — comes in. From international juggernauts to homegrown stars, we’re counting down the most unmissable acts on Dark Mofo’s 2023 lineup. 

Dark Mofo 2023 must-see acts
Credit: Luke Currie-Richardson; Rocket Weijers; Scott Legato/Getty Images

Taking place across a sprawling map throughout Hobart, the midwinter festival is celebrating its tenth anniversary this June, with an equally monumental music program to match.

Known for celebrating dark and ancient pagan rituals, Dark Mofo attracts nearly half a million attendees from around the globe, with this year’s edition sure to be its biggest yet.

In anticipation of Dark Mofo 2023, which runs from June 8 to June 23, Happy Mag is combing through the festival’s must-see live acts — from international juggernauts to homegrown stars.

Scroll down for our complete list, and to Dark Mofo’s website here to find ticketing information and more even details. 

barkaa sydney festival
Credit: Luke Currie


Forming part of Dark Mofo’s curated lineup of First Nations artists, BARKAA will grace the stage for a precinct-wide takeover of Hobart’s In The Hanging Garden. The event takes place on June 8, and if BARKAA’s Live At Enmore performance is anything to go by, audiences are in for a treat.  

ThunderCat Live
Credit: Courtesy of Motormouth Media


Standing as one of Dark Mofo’s starriest guests, American bassist and producer Thundercat will steal the spotlight for his show at Odeon Theatre on June 9. Thundercat — known offstage as Stephen Bruner — will no-doubt come equipped with his latest 2020 album It Is What It Is. 

Dark Mofo 2023 Ayebatonye
Credit: Beat


Forming part of Dark Mofo’s stacked lineup for the ‘NIGHT MASS: EXSTASIA I’ event, illustrious Australian DJ Ayebatonye will treat audiences to her unique blend of Chicago house and techno on June 9. Described as an event “where the sensory, sensual and surreal collide,” Ayebatonye’s set will take place at ‘District X’, an inner-city precinct of Hobart. 

Dark Mofo Tasman Keith
Credit: Rocket Weijers

Tasman Keith

Tasman Keith will perform two sets for Dark Mofo 2023, with the first taking place alongside BARKAA and more for the First Nations ‘The Gathering’ event on June 8. Later, the rapper will host his own headline show at In The Hanging Garden on June 11, where he’ll receive support from singer-songwriter GLVES. 

Dark Mofo Kid Pharaoh 2023
Credit: ComplexAU

Kid Pharaoh

Performing at a curated evening of techno and experimental dance music, Egyptian-Australian DJ Kid Pharaoh joins the lineup Dark Mofo’s QARAE event, with assists from fellow DJs Moktar and Nooriyah. The three headline bill kicks off on June 18 at In The Hanging Garden.   

Dark Mofo Dameeeela 2023
Credit: James Caswell


If you still haven’t scratched that EDM itch, then look no further than Dameeeela — the multi-hyphenate DJ who’ll take to the Dark Mofo stage as part of the lineup for ‘The Gathering.’ She’ll be joined by BARKAA and Keith for what’s sure to be one of the festival’s busiest events. Dameeeela will perform at In The Hanging Garden on June 8.