Sink your teeth into Angie’s sumptuous latest single ‘Algo Natural’

Miami musician Angie saunters onto simmering R&b production on Algo Natural, a Spanglish single that’s just a mere taste of what’s to come.  

R&b is rightfully considered the most seductive genre, and Angie has proven just that with her most recent single, Algo Natural.

The slow groove number, which comes ahead of the Miami crooner’s forthcoming single La Conexión (out December 8), is simmering from the outset, opening with the tinkle of electro-synths and Angie’s whispery exhale. 

Angie single 'Algo Natural'

From there, Angie saunters onto the beat with sultry vocal riffs, acrobatically dancing around the snare-filled production and slinky rhythms.

All the staples of quintessential R&b are there, from the buttery vocal arrangements to the punchy 808 drum sections. What elevates Algo Natural to new heights, however, is Angie’s command of the microphone. 

She delivers her Spanglish-sung lyrics with an enrapturing ease and intimacy, to the point where you feel as though you’re right there in the studio with her.

Opting for ear-catching melodies in lieu of traditional pop structures, Angie’s verses bleed seamlessly into one another, with the result being a song that entirely washes over you. 

Angie single 'Algo Natural'

It’s the kind of track you might play while enjoying a nightcap with a first date, and you can elsewhere imagine it emanating from the speakers of a dimly-lit saloon.

While Algo Natural sits comfortably in the R&b realm, Angie draws from a more eclectic palette that comes to include twinkly keys and a brooding bassline, spotlighting the singer’s sonic versatility. 

What all of it amounts to is a single almost purpose-built for the reggae Dutty Wine dance. Lyrically, Angie pairs the seductive rhythm with mentions of slow-motion movements and fire’s burning low, as the singer flits between languages with finesse.

Angie single 'Algo Natural'

Algo Natural comes one week ahead of Angie’s forthcoming single La Conexión, which Angie described as an “experiment with reggaeton” that you can listen to “when you’re in the shower [or] getting ready for a night out.”

Happy Mag will have much to dissect upon that single’s release next week (December 8), including an artist-on-artist interview with Angie herself, but in the meantime, whet your appetites with Angie’s most recent offering Algo Natural below.