Premiere: Pisco Sour drop thrashing debut EP ‘How Much Is Too Much?’

Earlier this year, Pisco Sour offered a taste of what was to come with the release of lead single, Sleep. 

Brimming with pensive guitar melodies and rich, brooding vocals, Sleep readied audiences ahead of the Pisco Sour’s debut EP, How Much Is Too Much?, which premieres today (December 1) on Happy Mag. 

Fans of Sleep will be happy to know that the surrounding tracklist is equally stellar, tracing the Melbourne five-piece from fuzzy surf grooves of Brain of Yours to the indie rock revelry of Crystal Ball.

Pisco Sour 'Sleep'

The latter track, which serves as the EP opener, masterfully sets the scene with leisurely pacing in the kind of sunny guitar melodies purpose built for a summertime road trip. 

Pisco Sour later amp up the noise with crescendoing instrumentation, which never outshines the infectious and raw timbre of vocalist Nich Marchese.

Veering toward grittier territory on the second track, Brain of Yours adopts a classic rock swagger to reflect on occupying oneself with the distraction of a muse. 

Pisco Sour 'Sleep'

Brain of Yours elsewhere leaves room for a rapid explosion of percussion and guitar in its latter half, with each bandmate giving it their all in what becomes a pulsating throughline for the remaining tracklist.

After a welcome change of pace with the mellow reprieve of Sleep, Pisco Sour return to their staple high-energy tunes with penultimate track Miss Medusa. 

Here, the band likens a particular flame to the namesake Greek myth, who’ll “kill you with her hair, or if you catch her stare.”

Pisco Sour 'Sleep'

The clever, tongue-in-cheek lyrics are a testament to the artistry of Pisco Sour, who are able to flex both their sonic and storytelling muscles with the ease of a band ten years’ their senior. 

Who Much Is Too Much? culminates with final track Stadiums, an almost-phoretic title since it feels destined to fill-out heaving arenas.

Melodic and thunderous in equal measure, Stadiums is a worthy conclusion to Pisco Sour’s pitch perfect debut, which kickstarts what’s sure to be a breakout moment for one of the country’s most promising bands. 

Pisco Sour 'Sleep'

Listen to Pisco Sour’s debut EP How Much Is Too Much? below.