Ango Unchained puts a spring in your step with ‘Chocolate’

Barefoot and repping a 1000 dollar smile, comes gleeful pop and RnB act, Ango Unchained.

Raised in Margaret River and currently residing in Byron, you’ll find self-taught musician and youngest of 6, Ango Unchained. (Cheeky Tarantino reference there).

The soulful artist believes in finding the beauty in everything and pours this optimism into his tracks, detailing stories of love, lust, and life. This philosophy especially comes across in his whimsical new single, Chocolate.
Ango Unchained
The track was born at midnight alongside his best mate Loius, following a particularly wild thunderstorm: “We were fucking cooking (making music) and couldn’t stop feeding off each other”, Ango explains. “Pure joy man”.

The magic the pair were feeling during the creative process definitely rings through 0n the final product. Gentle 808s, bass, and keys lay the groundwork for Ango’s silky smooth ponderings, “Like a fallen piece of chocolate I’ll pick you up” he croons, singing of an escort that he’s begun to fall in love with.

Like chocolate, it’s probably not good for you, but hey, who can resist?


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This feeling of naive, innocent love and imagining yourself with “the person of your dreams” is all across Ango’s actions in the music video. The artist skates around barefoot, runs the coastline and lies down on a roundabout circle, all perfectly capturing that euphoric rush of blooming infatuation.

What makes the Ango’s work even more infatuating was the fact that he lost hearing in his left ear as a baby – making music so much more than a hobby, it was a path that is ingrained in his veins.

For lovers of feel-good, chilled-out RnB, definitely give Ango Unchained a spin. It’s easy listening with substance and charm – you can’t ask for much more than that.

Watch the music video for Chocolate below: