Angus & Julia Stone’s first album in 4 years is a video game soundtrack

Iconic duo Angus & Julia Stone return after four years with a soundtrack for the upcoming video game Life is Strange: True Colours.

Singer-songwriter siblings Angus & Julia Stone recently announced their comeback in the form of the album Life is Strange, a soundtrack for the upcoming video game Life is Strange: True Colours. Snow, the duo’s last album, released in 2017 and was nominated for Best Independent Release in the 2018 ARIA Awards.

Life is Strange has been created in collaboration with renowned producer Rick Rubin, who was responsible for bringing the duo back together. Life is Strange, along with its lead single, Love Song, is set for release on Friday 20th August. The game itself goes live on Friday 10th September.

Life is Strange
Image: Square Enix

It is also worth noting that this is not the first time Angus & Julia Stone have been associated with the series. Their 2010 track, Santa Monica Dream, appeared in the first and third episodes of the original 2015 game.  

Life is Strange: True Colours is the most recent instalment in the Life is Strange series by Square Enix’s European subsidiary. Like its predecessors, Life is Strange: True Colours is all about relationships. It explores different kinds of love – between siblings, families, and communities. 

“There’s always going to be this common thread that runs through all our songs, which is that at the bottom of everything is love,” Angus says. “It always comes back to love, and things coming from within your heart. When all else fails, love will be the thing that conquers.”

“I really like this record because it’s a real mix of the old and the new,” Julia comments. “I can hear how, on this record, we weren’t afraid to try, to follow our noses and not to force any direction that it went. It didn’t matter that there was a really folky song next to a really dancy song. I can hear it feeling very free.”


You can pre-save the album here, and pre-order Life is Strange: True Colours here.