The next ‘Life is Strange’ game is getting its world premiere tomorrow

An all-new Life is Strange game is getting its world premiere as part of the new ‘Square Enix Presents’ livestream series.

A live digital showcase by Square Enix is approaching, and it’s set to reveal a brand new Life is Strange game. Alongside the highly-anticipated instalment in the episodic adventure game franchise, the video presentation will also offer new details on upcoming and released games by the publisher.

‘Square Enix Presents’ is the company’s first take on a Nintendo Direct-style event packed with news and updates, set to stream on the company’s YouTube and Twitch channels for 40 minutes from 10am PT on March 18. Unfortunately that’s 4am AEDT on March 19, so Australians with reasonable sleep schedules might want to just watch it back after they’ve woken up.

The event will focus mostly on the publisher’s Western games, so don’t expect much in the realm of Final Fantasy. The presentation schedule is set to include Outriders, Tomb Raider, Balan Wonderworld, Marvel’s Avengers, Just Cause Mobile and other mobile games, and unspecified games from Taito.

The biggest confirmed announcement is, of course, the official world premiere of the next Life is Strange release, with Square Enix teasing “an all-new protagonist wielding an exciting new power”. There’s little else known about this upcoming addition to the critically-acclaimed franchise, so the showcase is sure to be insightful.

The confirmation of the new instalment comes after rumours the game would be ready to show earlier in the year, alongside a leaker’s recent claims that two Life is Strange games are currently in production and the original game is coming to the Nintendo Switch. The ResetEra forum user claimed to have conclusive information that a game is being produced by Deck Nine, which will feature five episodes following an Asian-American woman in a small US town.

A direct sequel to the first game by Dontnod is also alleged to be in pre-production, featuring the return of original characters Max and Chloe. While these details haven’t been officially confirmed, a note was added to the thread by ResetEra’s staff, acknowledging that the leaker “has shown us material that supports their claim to know about Life is Strange 3”.

It seems that the rumours could very well be true, but it’s worth dropping by the Square Enix livestream to find out all the confirmed details as they’re released.

As gaming conventions and announcements continue to move online throughout the ongoing pandemic (often while navigating periodic leaks), expect to see more episodes in Square Enix’s digital event series to keep track of all their biggest news and updates.