Anna Dot’s sound is fully realised on new EP ‘Detox’

Signalling her evolution as an artist, ‘Detox’ is a final goodbye to all that has held Anna Dot down; for better or for worse

With a central theme of learning to surrender, ‘Detox’ is an intimate collection of Dot’s most personal moments and revelations.

Chronicling the demise of toxic friendships, an ode to distant hometowns and the closure that comes with finally moving on, Dot is covering it all.

anna dot happy mag ep review

Produced by Dave Kempton, ‘Detox’ sees Dot move away from her established solo sound, and instead into a world of moving string arrangements, haunting harmonies and a smooth blend of indie, folk and soft pop sensibilities.

Channeling Lizzy McAlpine, Stella Donnelly and Julia Jacklin, Anna Dot is arriving in a sonic soundscape that would be lucky to have her.

The EP opens with the title track, ‘Detox.’ Delicate acoustic guitars pluck soothing minor and seventh chords, Dot’s layered vocals interweave with swelling strings and light percussion as she details her intimate thoughts through an unpredictable melody.

‘Eggshells’ is playful, yet still just as diaphanous and earnest. Dot’s vocal is used as an instrument to its fullest capacity, this track channelling a soft pop vibe from the early 2000s.

‘Detox’ is a feat, one comprised of a unique artist exploring all that appears in her path.

‘Fleeting’ takes this and expands upon it, and introspective musing that allows listeners directly into Dot’s experience, one that has an aura of relatability – not to mention a gorgeous string arrangement.

Body Language’ is hypnotic, a sensual take down of the subject in question. A showcase of all that makes ‘Detox’ an intoxicating release,’Body Language’ is the highlight.

Smooth, dominant and raw. Menacing yet resigned, this track is soundtrack worthy.

‘Monopoly’ explores Dot’s emerging sound a little further, reminiscent of Adele’s ‘Send My Love.’

There’s a subtle undercurrent of longing, but Dot always remains in control, setting her boundaries even as they crumble around her.

The closing track, ‘Forgotten Old Things’ is very Stella Donnelly-esque, though with an added brass section and glossy production.

Anna Dot’s music feels like an escape, a cobblestoned walkway in the middle of Italy or a balcony overlooking a Parisian bakery while one laments over a lost love.

Listen to Detox below.