Bad Weather fall for a friend on vibrant new single ‘YOU!’

Bad Weather’s vibrant new single ‘YOU!’ sketches a portrait of youthful romance, with assists from Blink-182 producer Michael Bono

Bad Weather have navigated the tumultuous waters of falling for a friend on their latest single ‘YOU!’.

Drawing from an eclectic palette of sonic influences, the track at once recalls the 80s synth-pop of Prince and the soft rock of The 1975, all while refining a sound that feels wholly their own.

Bad Weather 'YOU!'

There’s a coming-of-age atmosphere that courses all throughout ‘YOU!’, to the point where you can imagine it soundtracking a protagonist’s moment of realisation in a teen movie. 

Much of this feel comes courtesy of lead singer-songwriter Callum Robertson, whose charismatic vocals get to the heart of the song’s emotional core.

Flitting between airy harmonies and almost pop-punk sneers on the chorus, Robertson’s impassioned delivery carries ‘YOU!’ even amid its textured production.

From twinkly keys to whirring synths and punchy percussion, the soundscape is rich enough to match the track’s complex lyrics. 

Bad Weather 'YOU!'

Here, Bad Weather sing of the highs and lows of youthful romance; a tale of unrequited infatuation and the emotional roller coaster of one’s internal monologue. “But it’s true,” Robertson pines on the earwormy chorus, “it’s you that I want.”

While producer Michael Bono — who has elsewhere worked with Blink-182 — might’ve perfected the track’s sound, Bad Weather expertly pair it with vivid and transcendent storytelling. 

‘YOU!’ marks Bad Weather’s first release since previous single ‘The Man Or The Boy’, which arrived in February of this year and was featured in Happy‘s New Music Friday.

To celebrate the ‘YOU!’, Bad Weather are hosting a single launch party at The Bird, in Northbridge, Perth on June 6, where they’ll share the stage with Antithesis, Rosalie Chilvers and Canvas Season. Find ticketing details here

In the meantime, listen to Bad Weather’s enrapturing new single ‘YOU!’ below.