Anna O – Symphony

What’s blue eyed, red haired and has the voice of an angel? If you guessed Anna O, top marks. If you didn’t – continue reading. The name may sound more familiar if you hail from Western Australia. Perth: home to surf and beaches a plenty and also to Anna O. When I read up on her, I gathered she was very passionate about her music and it’s something she strives to do forever.

anna o

Looking forward to hearing more from Perth’s Anna O. Indie electro with the right amount of pop – Symphony is angelic and somber with a thunderous core.

Throughout her musical career she’s gotten lots of love from Triple J and local Perth radio. We’ve also had the pleasure of having her over east when she promoted her last EP and we’re excited about the imminent release of her next upcoming EP. She’s teased us with her lead single Symphony, which I will get to later and more importantly you should definitely take a listen to.

The best description of her music has come from Anna O herself who has once has described is as the “lovechild of Jessie Ware and James Blake”. (Side note: I wonder what the baby would look like?) You can expect indie electro with the right amount of pop throughout her work. Her songs perfectly showcase her amazing vocals, which are on another level altogether. It’s dynamic, vivid and angelic. She’s got strength and control reminiscent of Kimbra, but the emotional tenderness of James Blake or Lorde. Does that sound cheesy?

Now let’s take a closer look at her lead single Symphony. The song itself is poetic and somber. There are a couple other things that stick out to me. The first is the epic vocals. When I listen to it, I imagine cathedrals towering over, light shining through stain glass windows. This is because of her strong melodic lines and heavenly harmonies. The musical characteristics make me think of Lorde as well – her electro bass lines and ornamental synths, layered vocals, strings and percussive clicks.

The chorus drops in like a mighty thunder while the song lingers in your mind – haunting and melancholy. It’s very compelling and as you listen you’re caught under the spell of the music.

Keep your ears peeled for new stuff coming up from Anna O and more heart-crushingly real music.