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elwood myre

In 2011, Central Coast troubadour Elwood Myre discovered the beauty of the guitar, and with universes aligning, he and Mandolin player Hunter Beasley took off on a journey of musical evolution! With Myre’s earthy vocals screaming Bob Dylan and Beasley’s sweet, short, and nonchalant strums bringing in a range of genres from Americana to Bluegrass, these two vivacious free-spirits may just be 2015’s answer to JJ Cale .

elwood myre

Elwood Myre’s distinctly folk-laden Americana brings a fresh take on a nostalgic sound – earthy and rustic vocals meets sprightly percussion and strings.

After their chance encounter, music obsessive’s Myre and Beasley submerged all their efforts into song writing and began performing regularly around the East Coast of Australia, winning over a devout and overtly eclectic fan base with their poetic notions. And in October 2014, after years of pouring their hearts out into each and every gig, Myre and Beasley found themselves in Vienna People Recordings where they taped their debut LP live in just 4 days.

Since the long awaited December 14th release of debut single Water to the Moon, Myre and Beasley have experienced substantial success, with audiences demanding the song get radio airplay, ultimately seeing it reach #4 on the “Top Ten” AMRAP (Australian Music Radio Airplay Project) Regional Chart.

Water to the Moon is a nostalgic and breezy tune that exudes positive vibes and a whole lotta mystery. With a wave of percussion rattling through the subconscious, the 2 minute and 33 second track is the ideal anthem for a short summer road trip. As Myre’s exuberant and raw vocals croon that “time waits for no man, and man waits for time”, it becomes clear that they’re on a soul-searching expedition, and you’re invited along for the ride!

Newly released track California, starts off with a dreamlike concoction of soft, sentimental strumming and relaxed, stripped back vocals, that are guaranteed to sway your mind into the sunny streets of LA as Myre questions whether ‘The Golden State’ is really “like the movies”. Things get a little deeper as the poet begs for California to “make him feel”, and with that statement you’ll find that Mr Myre and his proficient accomplice have in fact ‘made you feel’ a wild splash of cloudless emotions!

When asked about what we can expect in the upcoming album, Myre explained that he has “never been much interested in production but more in songs as they exist as cosmic, raw ideas. I suppose that sort of unbridled honesty ended up being the main premise of the record as far as both production and music go. The songs themselves range from more personal souvenirs to external observations that interested me at the time….”. 

Myre went on to give us a little insight into his feelings for “partner in crime” and band mate: “Hunter Beasley plays a huge part in how the record sounds, providing vocal harmonies, Mandolin, mandola, banjo and various percussion.  I may provide the ideas and stories but he breathes fire into the music.”

With a sold out album launch at Like Minds, Avoca due to take place on the 31st of January, one can only hope that the first two singles are a sign of the magical things to come. Elwood Myre and his partner in song, Hunter Beasley, are exactly what this generation needs, new music that echoes the old… all that’s missing is the vinyl!




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January 22, 2015