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PREMIERE: Annual Leaf combine the best of the ’60s and ’90s on Raspberry Intense

Melbourne trio Annual Leaf formed almost by accident. The band started when Jesse, of Melbourne bands Traffik Island, Girlatones and Leah Senior, offered to fill the vacant drum stool at a gig earlier on this year at a show at the Thornbury Bowls Club.

Joining original members Matt and Mel, whose previous incarnation Jukai Forest had been playing for many years, the band bonded over their mutual taste for ginger ale, The Church and Sonic Youth.

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Raspberry Intense, the latest EP from Melbourne trio Annual Leaf, blends the best parts of the ’60s and the ’90s to produce something fresh and exciting, perfectly encapsulating the diversity of Melbourne’s incredible music scene.

Annual Leaf have been keeping busy since their inception, releasing three EPs in a little over a year. The four-track EP Raspberry Intense, recorded and produced by drummer Jesse, is the band’s third. Following previous EPS, Baby Needs a Change (2017) and Polydactyl b/w Magnify the Shallows (2018), Raspberry Intense was released today and follows the band’s signature style, blending ’60s-esque guitars and beats reminiscent of enigmatic bands likes Kevin Ayers and The Kynds with blasé Pavement-style vocals.

There are no weak tracks on the EP; each song is just as catchy as the last. Running just over 10 minutes, there’s no excuse not to listen. Stream the EP below:

The band are launching their EP Raspberry Intense at Red Betty in Brunswick. Supported by Tam Vantage, Russian Hackers and Ashtray Boy, audiences will be treated to a diverse lineup that perfectly encapsulates Melbourne’s exciting and varied music scene. For more info on the launch, head to the band’s event page.


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December 7, 2018