Anti-lockout protesters dumped a big poo on The Star's doorstep -

Anti-lockout protesters dumped a big poo on The Star’s doorstep

As the movement against the lockout laws gain steam, protesters have continued to stand up to the glaringly obvious corruption within the state government as The Star casino and Barangaroo continue to be exempt from the controversial laws. As many people know by now the laws are built on a platform of reducing incidents of alcohol fueled violence. Given The Star is one of the most violent venues in the state and is still exempt from the lockout laws, it’s understandable that people are feeling a little shitty.

poo on the star

So the good folk from Reclaim The Streets organised a march on Saturday from the heart of the CBD to The Star’s doorstep, their crown jewel a giant shit appropriately named the The Mike Baird Memorial Turd.

Power to the people ✊🔓#reclaimthestreets #casinomike

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poo on The Star