Single Premiere: Any Girl’s lo-fi dreamy pop gem ‘Underacheiver’

Soak up some perfect reverb vintage pop care of Any Girl’s new single ‘Underachiever.’

Dive into the world of Any Girl, the brainchild of the Australia’s own Reija Lee. Her latest single, “Underachiever,” gives us a peek into her transformation from an EDM vocalist into a purveyor of dreamy pop goodness.

This track is all about those reverb-soaked feels and vocals as smooth as your favourite worn-in tee. It’s got this mental 60s nostalgia thing going on, but with a twist that’s as fresh as brand new hoody from A.S colour, which is basically the ultimate dream combo in my good mind.

any girl

Following the positive reception of her debut single, “Into The Black,” which garnered attention from Triple J, FBi, and rage, Any Girl gives us a taste of her evolution from EDM vocalist to dreamy pop artist.

To her merit, “Underachiever” is an exploration of low-fi bedroom pop at its best, showcasing Any Girls raw and unpolished vocals that resonate with a genuine quality that is quite affecting, not to forget the perfect production.

With a cool 40 million streams already in her pocket, Any Girl is making her mark. She’s hit the stage at some awesome festivals like Listen Out, BIGSOUND, and Sets On The Beach, sharing the spotlight with respected acts like Crooked Colours, Kira Puru, and Luke Million. Her music? It’s all about genuine emotion and a compelling vibe.

“Underachiever,” created in just one day alongside Jesse Pattinson from The Delta Riggs, is like a window into Any Girl’s thoughts and feelings. It’s as if she’s turned her inner struggles into art, crafting a track that’s as relatable as chatting with an old friend. Think of it as a blend of Courtney Barnett’s introspection with a dash of vintage flavour, all wrapped up in a modern pop package.

any girl

Any Girl describes “Underachiever” as an open letter to anyone who’s ever battled imposter syndrome. You know, that nagging feeling of not quite measuring up? Yep, we’ve all been there. This song is like a reassuring pat on the back during those moments.

“Writing a country-esque song is definitely not what was expected of me, but I’ve always had a soft spot for country. I was born in a tiny place called Coomalbidjup (population 7 back then, now a whopping 136) but my parents moved to Perth when I was two – so I felt a bit robbed of a regional upbringing and constantly begged my parents to move back to the country! (They never did). I feel sometimes country music gets a bad rap in Australia, when the reality is that there’s a little bit of country inside all of us. So it’s nice to be able to showcase that side of myself and lean into it fully.” Any Girl

Saxon Ames’ art adds a visual layer to “Underachiever,” capturing its vulnerability. And surprise, surprise—Any Girl is dipping her toes into country vibes. Hailing from the small town of Coomalbidjup, she’s infusing her own twist into the country genre, adding a fresh touch that’s as unexpected as finding a hidden gem.

There is also a DIY video, showcasing good times with her crew, scenic countryside views, and even a heartwarming moment with a horse named Warrior. We don’t need to tell you to keep your eyes peeled for this visualiser drop a week from today.


From the days of being Reija Lee to this moment, Any Girl’s evolution is on full display. “Underachiever” isn’t just a single – it’s a bold statement. It’s Any Girl announcing that she’s breaking free from boundaries, stepping into her own light, and claiming her place with a sound that’s uniquely hers, and we are very much here for it.