Bed Signs shares their dreamy pop perfect playlist that influenced “Silver Lining Breakdown”

Discover the musical inspirations behind Bed Signs’ latest single, “Veronica Ruse,” as they share their hand-picked playlist that shaped the creation of their album, “Silver Lining Breakdown.

If you’re a fan of dreamy pop music with a touch of haunting allure, then you absolutely must listen to Bed Signs, the sensational duo from Charlotte, North Carolina. Their captivating sound and innovative use of AI technology have propelled them to the forefront of the music scene, creating a truly unique musical experience.

Their latest single, “Veronica Ruse,” is a testament to Bed Signs’ creativity and songwriting prowess. With its infectious melodies and poetic lyrics, the song draws you in with its downtempo instrumental and rapid-fire lyricism. The piano’s reverberation seamlessly blends into the ethereal soundscape, evoking a sense of urgency and melancholy.

Bed signs

Bed Signs, not only enchant listeners with their dreamy pop sound but have also revealed their creative process through a curated playlist that fueled their inspiration during the making of their latest single. From the dynamic dynamics of Japanese Breakfast‘s “Paprika” to the haunting allure of Bat For Lashes’ “The Hunger,” each track on their playlist played a vital role in shaping the sonic landscape of their album, “Silver Lining Breakdown.”

Here are the ten tracks that resonated deeply with the duo:

  1. “Paprika” by Japanese Breakfast – This is the song we used as a reference when mixing – the dynamics are amazing and I really love this whole LP!
  2. “Caroline” by Arlo Parks – …well, we have a track on the LP named after Ms. Parks…soooooo….
  3. “1000 Hummingbirds” by Junatime – This was on repeat pretty much the whole time we were working on our LP.
  4. “Fire” by Waxahatchee – We REALLY wanted to make a song as perfect as this…
  5. “The Hunger” by Bat For Lashes – I don’t know if it was inspired by the 80’s movie of the same name, but I love that movie and this song!  
  6. “I Would Die 4 U” by Prince – I got to visit Paisley Park in the middle of making our LP and it had a huge influence on me.
  7. “Miami” by Cate Le Bon – …on the same trip to Minneapolis (kick ass trip!) I got to see Cate Le Bon live…BLEW ME AWAY!!!!!
  8. “Future Nostalgia” by Dua Lipa – This song sounds to us like someone making a statement, not just awesome music – and that was what we were trying to do as well…
  9. “Letting Go” by Wild Nothing – Everything Wild Nothing does is just perfect!
  10. “Heroes” by David Bowie – Because it’s the best song of all-time.

With this carefully crafted playlist, Bed Signs embraced a range of influences, drawing inspiration from artists spanning various genres and eras. These songs played a crucial role in shaping their creative process, leading them to create their remarkable album, “Silver Lining Breakdown.”

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