bed signs’ ‘Veronica Ruse’ music video is a surreal and thought-provoking blend of Art and AI

bed signs’ innovative and creative use of AI in “Veronica Ruse” pushes the boundaries of traditional art forms and sparks a conversation about the role of technology in the creative process.

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys dreamy pop production with a hit of haunted spookiness, then bed signs’ latest single “Veronica Ruse” is an absolute must-listen. This indie duo from Charlotte, NC has really hit the mark with their unique sound and impressively innovative use of technology in their music video.

“Veronica Ruse” is a showcase of the duo’s creativity and songwriting abilities with its catchy melodies and poetic lyrics. The down-tempo instrumental is driven by rapid-fire lyricism “You call me on a schedule like an obligation instead of inspiration”, evoking a sense of rushed confrontation and melancholy as the piano’s reverb blends into the soundscape.

Bed Signs

The mix by Tracey Schröeder is especially noteworthy, and with its dynamic layers and depth, the vocals and instrumentation of “Veronica Ruse” explore the vastness of the sonic atmosphere, while the pulse of the percussion grounds you in slightly groovy intimacy. 

But let’s talk about the music video because it’s really something special. bed signs use the viral new AI technology Dall-E to create images in the style of different famous artists, resulting in a video that is both interesting and bizarre. The result is a visual experience that perfectly complements the dreamy and ethereal vibe of the song. 

The use of AI in bed signs’ music video for “Veronica Ruse” sparks a conversation about the role of technology in artistic expression. Some argue that AI-generated art is not truly unique because it is created through pre-existing algorithms and data sets. However, others argue that AI can be used as a tool to generate new and innovative art that would not be possible otherwise.

Bed Signs


At the heart of this debate lies the question of whether art is solely the product of human creativity and expression or if it can also be created by machines. While machines can certainly create impressive and complex patterns and designs, some argue that true art requires a level of intentionality and emotional depth that can only come from human experience.

The artistic exploration possible with AI is something that is certainly explored in the eclectic release from Bed Signs and isn’t something totally disconnected from the context of the project’s development. The “Silver Lining Breakdown” album was crafted via text and email threads during the Pandemic lockdowns, a time when technology was the sole connection between many creative collaborations. While “Veronica Ruse” may not have had this direct developmental process, bed signs are no stranger to the use of technology as a vessel for communication, and a tool to enhance a creative vision. 

“Veronica Ruse” is one part of the thoughtful and dynamic project from the duo bed signs, the rest of the “Silver Lining Breakdown” serving a feast of percussive and lush production chops. Check out their stellar music video, and keep an eye out for the next chapter of their ethereal story.