So apparently Kim Jong-il invented Burritos?

The latest wild claim from the North Korean regime has assured the public that Kim Jong-un’s father was the mastermind behind the burrito.

Kim Jong-il ‘invented’ the dish known as ‘wheat wraps’ in 2011 and since then, sales have allegedly been booming in North Korea, despite food shortages nation wide.

The North Korean version of the Tex-Mex staple is actually more like a Doner Kebab, adding Kebab meat to a wrap accompanied by cabbage and carrot.

Mural of Kim Jong-Il making burritos | Credit: Pen News

The country’s former leader has also been credited with pioneering ‘double bread with meat’ which is literally just a shabby hamburger.

North Koreans who have escaped the country have been quick to point out that dishes such as these were non-existent as far as they could tell, even simple staples weren’t readily available.

Hyun-seung Lee was born in North Korean but fled to the USA in 2014. He told the US Sun, “I have never seen any burritos or wraps on sale in North Korea”.

Other bizarre claims made by the regime include Kim Jong-un climbing North Korea’s largest mountain wearing dress shoes and a long coat, Kim Jong-un’s immunity from needing to use the bathroom, and reports even suggest that North Koreans were told they won the FIFA World Cup.

The invention of the real burrito is unclear, but it can be tracked as far back as 10,000 B.C in Mexico – a good 12,000 years before the ‘wheat wrap’.

So if anything, Kim Jong-il should be kinda embarrassed it took him so long to come up with a sub-par equivalent.