Apparently testicles have tastebuds, so people are dipping their balls into sauce

People are dipping their balls into their food, and it’s not for the reason you’d think (keep your mind out of the gutter). A study conducted in 2013 by The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences claims that aspects of the male sex organ actually has taste receptors. People are clearly very eager to test the theory.

The testicle tasting fanatic has become especially popular on YouTube, Tik Tok and Twitter. They say it works, believe it or not.

People are losing it over the fact that their balls have taste buds, so they’re taking to social media to test the theory and share their reactions.

Soy sauce has become a popular thing to dip balls in and various social media users have shared their experiences. YouTuber GayGod told his fans, “I can totally taste this, this is so weird… I can taste like I had soy sauce, like when you burp up soy sauce. It does kind of sting afterwards, I’m not going to lie.”

Many agreed with him and have urged others to try it.

@alxjamesoh.. my god….. 🤭😳♬ original sound – alxjames

Another Twitter user has forced their fiance to test it out.

“I saw this Tik Tok saying people can taste with their testicles so I made my fiance test this theory with a bowl of soy sauce. IT WORKS!”

That’s not all. The study found that humans have taste receptors in various parts of the body. These include the lungs, stomach, brain, and rectum. Don’t get any ideas.

However, the study actually found that the taste buds are inside the testicles and not on the skin. Therefore, much of what people are tasting is actually heavily dependant on smell.

Dr Kieran Kennedy told Men’s Health Australia, “The study hasn’t shown that any animal can actually ‘taste’ via these receptors like we’d taste something from the mouth. There is no scientific or medical evidence to back up any claims that men can actually taste things through their junk.”

To be completely honest, I’m just wondering about the tea bagging experience that led to this whole thing…