Are Coopers losing their troopers? Fans are pissed after the brewers endorsed a super weird video on gay marriage

Coopers Brewery are copping massive backlash after a video was released as a part of a campaign with the Australian Bible Society.

The video is an awkward and uncomfortable one: two liberal MP’s (one gay and agnostic and the other conservative) debate marriage equality over a few Coopers’ light beers. What could possibly be controversial about that?


Coopers Brewery and the Bible Society have fixed one of society’s most pressing issues. Although non-heterosexual Australians still don’t have the right to marriage, they’ll be fine over a couple of light beers and the bible.

“The first conversation in the ‘Keeping it Light’ series features a gay, agnostic MP from Victoria and a Christian conservative MP from Western Australia. They disagree powerfully on the topic at hand but, perhaps because there was both a Bible and good beer on the table, found they were able to thoroughly enjoy their profound disagreement.”

As soon as the video was posted, immediate backlash followed, sparking a trend in Facebook users boycotting their formerly beloved beer by writing one-star reviews on their Facebook page.

Cooper’s brewery released a statement on Twitter before removing it and publishing a different one, adding they gave no permission for their light beer to “feature in, or ‘sponsor’” the video.


According to the Bible Society’s website, Keeping It Light is a “good humoured, creative campaign to reach even more Australians with God’s word.” It also features 10,000 limited edition low-alcohol beer cans with verses from the Bible inscribed on the carton packaging.

Watch the video below. You can read the statement here.

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