Aretha Franklin’s will was just found under some couch cushions

If you’re ever heard an argument for adequate document keeping, this is it. Following the death of Aretha Franklin last year, it was believed that the Queen of Soul didn’t leave a will. But a new discovery could very well change that belief.

Sabrina Owens, the niece of Aretha Franklin was named the personal representative of the Franklin estate. Earlier this month, while sorting through the home in Detroit, she found a key to a locked cabinet, and a notebook under a couch cushion. Both the cabinet and the notebook contained a total of three handwritten wills.


Since her death in August last year, it’s been believed that Aretha Franklin passed without a will. Well, now a will has been found under couch cushions.

The two wills in the cabinet are dated from 2010, and in no uncertain terms, disregard previous wills written she wrote decades earlier. The third will, dated 2014, changes the current distribution of the estate. It also establishes her son, Kecalf Franklin as personal representative, replacing Owens.

This is the closest we’ve had to getting a look at how the iconic singer wanted her wealth distributed. They’ve been submitted to the Oakland County probate court to judge their validity. If they do indeed hold up to scrutiny, this could change just about everything.

I guess it just goes to show that you should always check the couch. You could find a bit more than just a cheeky $2 in change.