Ariel Pink shares a new song, I Need a Minute

Ariel Pink has shared his contribution to the film Heaven Knows What, a delightful romp about aspiring actresses, heroin addiction and trying to make it big in the dirtiest city in the world, New York.

ariel pink art

Pink originally churned out about an hour of music for the film, but that was reduced to just this song, I Need a Minute. On top of that, Pink was considered for a role, but his acting involvement was also reduced; he only makes a cameo. Everything seems awfully disappointing at the moment.

Heaven Knows What, helmed by indie directors the Safdie brothers, is based on the memoirs of Arielle Holmes, Mad Love in New York City, and will star Holmes and Caleb Landry-Jones. Mmm indeed.

To listen to Ariel Pink’s I Need a Minute, just follow this link here.