Armed with brutal sonic weapons and hooks for days, Us The Band are your new favourite punk band

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There’s nothing quite like some high reverb thrash guitar with a nice little melodic undercurrent sizzling away in the background. Sydney duo Us The Band open their debut EP But Where Do They Go with just that; a reverb-soaked instrumental, HelterMan that gives you a nice indication of what they’re all about and what’s to come. And it’s basically straight up garage punk, with enough pop elements to make you wanna groove.

us the band but where do they go

For all their sonic ferociousness, Us The Band know how to write a hook and on But Where Do They Go they’ll make you want to thrash around like you’re on fire.

Us The Band are two lads, Jesse Bayley and Nick Mabbitt (formerly of Sydney band Bearhug), who have come together armed with foundations of punk and thrash metal, crowned with a halo of reverb and vocals that aren’t too far removed from the likes of Craig Nicholls or Ty Segall on his looser days. This debut seven track was recorded with Owen Pengils (Straight Arrows) in his Goliath Studios and has resulted in a product you really wouldn’t expect from a two-piece – something monolithic. And that’s what makes it all that much cooler. Henry Rollins has been spinning the fifth track Fallout on KCRW as of late, and if that’s not a stamp of approval I don’t know what is.

Each track showcases a healthy amount of angry vocals, catchy, yet albeit heavy riffs and overall beats that will make you want to throw down in the type of wall-of-death you’d see at a Slipknot show. By the time the EP has progressed to the fourth track Ghoul, you’ll probably feel like you’ve been listening to a revived version of Blur. The pace is fast and is relentless throughout each song which will have your energy levels peaking, your entire body moving and your expectations at a comfortable level.

It’s easy to see that the duo have been inspired by bands such as Cloud Nothings and Thee Oh Sees, with searing, serrated guitars and vocals chopping through your defences until you’re in the palm of their hands – nothing but punk puppet. It’s less easy to see that they’ve been spiritually inspired by Hot Chocolate, as stated in their Bigsound 2015 biography, but each to their own. The duo’s music video for And I Will pretty much sums up the movement of the brain as you listen to each track.

But Where Do They Go is fast, it’s angry, it’s punk, it’s thrash and it’s every part of every garage band you’ve ever loved. The screaming is trashy enough to be bad-ass and melodic enough to keep you grooving. The riffs are heavy enough to keep you keen and catchy enough to keep you interested. It’s an EP that you should definitely add to your collection if you’re a lover of straight up garage punk rock.

But Where Do They Go is out Friday 19th of February via Rice Is Nice.

They will be launching the EP on the same night at Petersham Bowling Club alongside Imperial Broads and Shrugs.

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