Hey Geronimo pay tribute to TISM with the video for their new single Boredom

Hey Geronimo have paid tribute to Aussie band TISM with the video for their new single Boredom.


Recreating the 1998 video for Thunderbirds Are Coming Out, Hey Geronimo recruited the help of 25 Queensland born bands. Throughout the video you can spot the likes of Jeremy Neale, Zefereli, Born Joy Dead, even TISM themselves make a brief appearance.

The band are now gearing up to make their way to Sydney for their Longest Shortest tour, which will see them play ten shows, each at a different venue, all in one day. This tour will be happening on Saturday February 27. Head to the band’s Facebook page for all the details.

Boredom has been shared ahead of the release of their debut album, Crashing Into The Sun, due to be released Friday May 20.