Homer Simpson will answer fan questions during a live episodes of The Simpsons

In case you haven’t noticed, we really love The Simpsons. Like we really, REALLY like The Simpsons. So given the chance to ask the iconic bumbling patriarch of television’s favourite family, we’re jumping at it.

Homer Simpson Q&A

An episode of The Simpsons that will be broadcast on May 15 will feature a live segment where the voice of Homer Dan Castellanata will respond to fan questions posted via twitter using the hashtag #HomerLive. Castellanata will use motion-capture technology to assume the guise of his character and improvise his answers as he receives fan questions.

Speaking of the episode long time producer Al Jean said “I think this is a first for animation“. He continued saying “It looks great. I’m really confident that people will like it“.

You can start tweeting questions to Homer from May 1 until May 4, the small window to make sure to get permission from fans to use their names on the show. Definitely not to screen questions of course.

First seen on The Guardian.

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