The definitive list of the best Simpsons songs of all time

The Simpsons are responsible for the most annoyingly catchy songs of all time, and we love them for it.

For the past 27 years, they been combining piercing satirical humour with good old fashioned family values in what has widely become the most universally beloved TV shows of all time. And unsurprisingly, music plays a huge role in The Simpsons‘ unbending charm.

From superstar cameos (Ringo Starr and George Harrison, R.E.M, the Chili Peppers, just to name a few), to hysterical musical parodies (The White StripesThe Hardest Button To Button takes the cake), music has always been an integral part of The Simpsons’ undying commitment to mirror popular culture, past and present.

But undeniably, The Simpsons’ best musical moments are the original tunes. Those ballads and hymns and lullabies that are so goddamn catchy that they drill their way into your head and hang around for days. They are the soundtrack to your youth. And if you disagree, maybe you just need a little reminding. So here it is, our definitive list of the best Simpsons songs ever.

simpsons songs

The Simpsons are responsible for writing some of the most annoyingly catchy tunes of all time – and we love them for it. Here is the definitive list of the best Simpsons songs of all time.

When I Was 17

The best Sinatra-esque ode to getting drunk for the first time ever. Thank you Brian McGee, without you this song may have never happened.

Cut Every Corner

Shary Bobbins can sure write a motivational jingle, even if her advice is a little dodgy. The orchestral Disney vibes are the clincher though. Now get cleaning, just do a half-arsed job, ok?

Baby On Board

John Lennon once said that the Beatles were “bigger than Jesus”. Or was it The Be Sharps? We’re not sure, all we know is this tune was a cracker, especially the classic rooftop scene: “eh, it’s been done” – Harrison you snide dog.

Union Strike Theme

Lisa’s Dylan-esque union strike folk ballad was actually pretty harrowing (and annoyingly catchy). One can understand Lisa’s sorrow though, those braces are hideous (“Dental plan! Lisa needs braces. Dental plan! Lisa needs braces. Dental plan…”)

The Stonecutters Song

The classic Stonecutters song was nominated for an Emmy in the original music category back in 1995, and it’s not hard to see why. One of the best episodes ever, not in the least because of this tune.

Dr. Zaius, Dr. Zaius

Breakdancing apes, piano solos and sexy primates – this scene had it all. The climax is the best part though: “I love you Dr. Zaius!”

We Put The Spring In Springfield

What better way to diffuse an angry mob who want to destroy a debaucherous burlesque house than with a song? We kind of wanted to hear Marge finish her rebuttal though…

See My Vest

A parody of Be Our Guest from Disney classic Beauty and The Beast (they do that a lot), See My Vest is a surprisingly poignant message about what we kill for the sake of fashion. Or maybe Mr. Burns just really likes the vest.

Who Needs The Kwik-E-Mart

Should have been called Let’s Hurl a Brick-E-Mart


Lyle Lanley you sly bastard, luring simple small town folk into investing in a completely nonessential monorail via song. Who can blame the Springfieldians though? The Monorail song is pretty damn convincing, especially for us brain-dead slobs.

Lisa It’s Your Birthday

One of the most enduring Simpsons musical moments has to be Lisa’s 8th birthday and the song Bart sings her as a gift alongside none other than Leon Kompowsky, uh we mean, Michael Jackson. We apologise in advance for the days ahead where you won’t be able to forget that classic refrain: “Lisa It’s your birthday, happy birthday Lisaaaa….”

Talkin’ Softball

If this doesn’t put a smile on your face then you must have a black lump of coal where your heart should be. This is a parody of a Terry Cashman song from 1981 called Talkin’ Baseball, which has since been no doubt superseded by the Simpsons’ version. Pretty much the perfect way to bookend a near perfect Simpsons episode.

Special mention to these 18 seconds of pure genius.

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