Check out Simpsonwave, the new genre mixing old Simpsons footage with sweet, sweet laid back tunes

The Simpsons is basically just about the greatest show to ever grace our television screens, and now, some legend has gone and made some of our favourite Simpsons memories even better.


Take a trip down memory lane with Simpsonwave.

Meet Simsonwave, a new sub-genre of music and video art, that mashes together old Simpsons clips with music from the likes of Tame Impala, M83 and Gotye. Simpsonwave is a take on vapourware, which takes electronic music where elevator music is remixed and accompanied by visual footage that plays with the idea of technology and consumerism.

The first Simpsonwave clip came back in October last year via vine, which was a short mash up of footage from the time Bart went on a road trip a pretty sweet, lo-fi electro tune. The clip has since been viewed 22.6 million times.


Some of the videos are pretty damn good, and watching them will bring back all your cherished Simpsons memories and flood you with feelings of nostalgia. Check out some of the videos below, and if you’re only going to watch one, make the remix of Tame Impala’s Nangs with clips from the time Homer became a monorail driver…pretty mesmerising stuff.

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