An artist has turned Chet Faker and Tkay Maidza into Simpsons characters, and its the coolest thing you’ll see today

A true measure of a star’s fame is whether or not they’ve appeared on The Simpsons. Getting drawn up by the show’s artists is an honour – just ask The Smashing Pumpkins or The Who. Musicians as Simpsons characters are always enjoyed, so here’s the latest.

While these two Aussie artists cannot boast the true treatment, they’ve been giving the next best thing; being Simpson-ified by German artist Zhi-Yung Zhang, known for adapting popular musicians into cartoon characters.

musicians as simpsons characters

Chet Faker and Tkay Maidza make surprisingly stylish Simpsons characters. Which other Aussie musos have a unique enough look to pull it off?

The two artworks have come together through a collaboration between Zhang and live music app WhatslivelyChet Faker gets styled amongst leaves, love hearts and funky roller skates, looking pretty chilled behind his keys. Tkay Maidza is silhouetted under lyrics from her tune M.O.B., surrounded by planets, kisses, huge diamonds and even huger burgers.

Zhang’s instagram is spilling over with more sick artwork, showcasing his cartoon style with images of Kanye West as Stewie Griffin, or Drake as Milhouse.

musicians as simpsons characters

Here’s hoping Matt Groening or others within The Simpsons offices take note; Aussie celebs are just as deserving as the rest. A while back we turned Tame Impala into a cartoon…safe to say we would all enjoy Bart Simpson hanging with KP and the boys.

Which Aussie muso would you want to see in the world’s biggest cartoon? With such a diverse talent base, the possibilities are endless. Which artist, big or small, would make for the best possible cameo? Tell us what you think.

Via Whatslively

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