Array re-imagine the classic love song on their latest single ‘Wave Breaks’

Sonic voyagers Array have delivered another stunning gem to audiences. Wave Breaks is a serenade to soothe all heartaches, dripping in rich choruses and harmonies.

You can never know what to expect from Array. From the indie-rock of Washed Away to the production-heavy tides of The Dark Side of Summer, the four-piece group are poised and determined to explore every possible reach of music. Their latest single Wave Breaks is the next immaculate addition to their catalogue.

At its core, the single is lovesick, Lennon-esque songwriting as told through the technicolour prism of now. Summery and decadent, it feels both worlds away from their latest release but also cut from the same cloth. Anytime Array releases a song, you can know one thing for sure; the choruses will be cosmic, the rhythms tighter than steel, and the finished product utterly jaw-dropping.


Opening with a soothing orchestral introduction, Wave Breaks is one of those tracks that just transports you from the minute it begins. Soft and dreamy, but punchy in the most needed moments, you can almost feel yourself drifting away on a cloud of nostalgia with every thundering chord.

“Wave Breaks is a love song,” the band’s bio reads. “It is a soundtrack to a honeymoon: a tune that lays you down on an endless beach, and serenades you as you bathe in the afternoon sun. It is a song to take you back to a simpler time, when life moved gently back and forth with the tides. An ode to the classic songwriting of Elvis and The Beatles, set over a sweeping string arrangement, this feel-good release has the potential to become a modern classic.”


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As the song draws to a close, the textures mellow and slowly loop into obscurity, bleeding perfectly into the beginning of The Dark Side of Summer. Is this a sign of an album on the horizon? Only time will tell. For now, we can safely rest on the warm sands of heartfelt serenity conjured by Array’s gorgeous new release.

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