Enter a world of horror through ArrBee Sound’s next EP ‘Zombies in Little Tokyo’

ArrBee Sound’s upcoming EP, Zombies in Little Tokyo sees them deftly capture thrilling moments of suspense and fear.

ArrBee Sound is a multi-instrumental electronic musician who is pushing against genre-conforming rules and experimenting with the use of AI through their forthcoming EP, Zombies in Little Tokyo, arriving next Wednesday (October 26), just in time for Halloween!

The trailblazing sound designer, composer and creative consultant has been drawn to music since childhood, spending ample time exploring a vast array of sounds. Over the past 15 years, they have dedicated their life to playing and mixing records across Sydney’s vibrant music scene.

Taking futuristic and creative strides during the making of Zombies in Little Tokyo, ArrBee Sound utilized artificial intelligence in their music, which allowed them to be creative and expressive in a distinctly unique way.

Inspired by B-grade horror films, particularly John Carpenter’s Halloween, and also Evil Dead, the new EP strives to showcase meaningful and immersive musical content: I wanted to create an acid house EP that would be perfect for a Halloween party,” ArrBee Sound tells us. 


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Zombies in Little Tokyo sees ArrBee Sound deftly capturing thrilling moments of suspense and fear through a captivating collection of dark and atmospheric tracks, powered by driving beats and eerie melodies that skillfully convey feelings of unease and dread.

ArrBee Sound states their love for Evil Dead, which made them decide to include big, squelchy bass lines. This added to the anxious themes portrayed in their music.

Credit: ArrBee Sound

With sprinkles of eerie sound effects that also help set the mood, ArrBee Sound has crafted the perfect soundtrack for this year’s spooky season, making it a must-add to your Halloween house party playlist next weekend.

Save the date – Zombies in Little Tokyo drops next Wednesday, October 26, so make sure you monitor ArrBee Sound’s Spotify for this release, and get ready to feel chills running up and down your spine!

Zombies in Little Tokyo
Credit: ArrBee Sound