Artist flips the Academy the bird by planting a coke-snorting Oscar statue on Hollywood Boulevard

The Academy’s golden boy Oscar has got down on his hands and knees for the first time in decades thanks to an edgy, edgy installation from street artist Plastic Jesus.

The statue Hollywood’s Best Party was installed on Thursday night, but didn’t survive for more than a few hours. According to the Huffington Post, it was removed by the orders of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

oscars 2017 state coke snorting

Want a new angle on the Academy Awards? Street artist Plastic Jesus has brought poor Oscar to his knees with a coke-snorting statue in the middle of Hollywood Boulevard.

Plastic Jesus’ statue was erected on the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and and La Brea Avenue in Los Angeles, right next to Elvis Presley’s walk of fame star. It was meant to stand for a few days leading up to the Academy Awards ceremony yesterday, but obviously that was a little much for the powers that be.

Plastic Jesus is known for his controversial installations, which most often poke fun at the frivolity of celebrity culture with humour and irony.

Via Huffington Post and Dangerous Minds.