Artist on Artist: Indie pop sweethearts Jet City Sports Club X producer extraordinaire Fletcher Matthews

Studio pranks and after sesh beers at the Glebe Hotel, we go behind ‘Every single Dream’ with Jet City Sports Club and Fletcher Matthews

Sydney’s Jet City Sports Club just dropped their new EP, ‘Every Single Dream,’ and it’s an absolute gem.

This energetic collection showcases the band’s growth since their debut. Tracks like ‘My Everything’ and ‘Sunny Morning’ are catchy and will likely get stuck in your head.

Beyond the hooks, the EP benefits from polished production by Fletcher Matthews, giving their sound a clear and shimmering quality.

Thematically, it’s a positive and grateful vibe, reflecting the band’s journey and diverse musical influences.

Jet City Sports Club has been putting in the work, playing shows with established artists and hitting festivals. Their dedication seems to be paying off as ‘Every Single Dream’ is gaining traction.

Wanna know more? We’ve got a fun artist on artist interview with producer Fletcher Matthews where he chats with the band about making the music and how much they enjoy working together.

Read on for a cool peek behind the scenes of ‘Every Single Dream.’

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Fletcher interviewing JCSC

Fletcher: What’s your fav part about making records as an artist?

JCSC:I would say my favourite part is the song writing stage at the beginning. Inventing melodies and finding meaning which then carries when writing the music around the melody and lyrics. – Lilla 

Fletcher: Best studio prank?

JCSC:When we would hide between the 2 doors into your studio and wait for someone to come back in and open the door and then jump out and scare them :) Also when we re-arranged your desk forward to see if anyone would notice! 

Fletcher: Is there anything you wish you knew about writing or recording before you started putting music out?

JCSC:I suppose there’s not much I wish I knew before starting because as you go along you sort of figure it all out and it’s part of the process.

I think two of the most overlooked and important things that all artists should know are: The harder you work the bigger your chances at success; So in terms of writing, the more you write the more chances you’ll have at striking gold.

And secondly; Don’t settle while writing, have patience and wait till you get it to where it makes you say: Yep! That’s It! So; Have patience and keep pushing on! 

Fletcher: What’s the hardest part of making records?

JCSC:Maybe the hardest part is learning to let go of a line or melody that you have become attached to but that you know doesn’t work for the song.

Or maybe it’s when you spend hours on finding one perfect word that fits the theme, the rhyme and the melody!

Or maybe, when working with your closest friends like we did with Fletch,  it’s hard to not get distracted by stupid things! 

Fletcher: Out of all the post session beers we shared throughout the process of making the record, what was your favourite?

JCSC:Honestly, every time we went to get beers at the Glebe Hotel was my favourite.

Lots of laughing and the perfect way to wrap up the session. Also, not even when we were recording, when we would come meet you at The Glebe when you were recording with STUMPS too, always a good time. 

jet city sports club ep

JCSC interviewing Fletcher 

JCSC: What would you say is your top priority going into a recording session?

Fletcher: My main priority is always making sure the songs feel really good before we hit record.

Usually that involves stripping a song back to the chords, lyrics and vocal melodies.

Checking off everything feels right whilst still creating the emotion the artist originally intended with the song.

Sometimes I’ll end up working on that longer than the actual production. 

JCSC: Who in Jet City is the most distracting person to work with and why?

Fletcher: It’s a tie between Seb giving everyone constant sports updates, and Lila just generally being the most hilarious person to be around at all times.

I honestly can’t remember another person that has made me laugh in the studio as much as her. 

JCSC:  Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Fletcher: Hopefully working with more artists around the world. There are so many incredible artists out there that excite me, and I’d love to spend more time overseas working with some of them.

Also standing side stage at Enmore theatre watching Jet City Sports Club!

JCSC: Who would you say are your biggest influences/inspiration when producing and writing with us?

Fletcher: Honestly there were a lot of artists that influenced Jet City’s sound at the writing stage of this most recent record, which inherently ended up influencing the production.

Some of the artists I remember also being inspired by during the process were DMA’s, Beabadoobee, Holly Humberstone and Middle Kids. 

JCSC: What do you think is the hardest part about the writing/recording process?

Fletcher: Probably getting a great performance out of the vocalist. There’s a lot of pressure on artists to perform better than they ever have when they step up to the microphone, particularly when the songs have only been written or finalised in the studio a few days or weeks prior.

That being said I’ve never really had that issue with Lila, she’s naturally gifted at singing and has a great level of confidence to smash through the takes pretty quickly.

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