Take a deep dive into the artistry of Sydney metalcore rocker Slatz

By now we hope you’re all well aware of the metalcore revelry that forms the heart of Sydney rocker, Slatz.

Fresh off the release of his J-Figure assisted single Snake Eyes and an exclusive interview with Happy Mag, we’re taking a deep dive into one of the scene’s most promising voices, from the origins of his artistry to his smattering of forthcoming releases.

Get the full rundown on the artistry of Slatz below, and scroll down to listen to his new single Snake Eyes. 

Slatz interview 'Snake Eyes'

Raised on a steady diet of ‘90s grunge and hardcore punk with a large serving of rap metal and hip-hop, Slatz’s sonic creations defy categorisation.

With a relentless passion for creativity, a knack for collaboration, and a DIY punk attitude, Slatz is steadily carving himself a unique niche in the metal scene.

His musical odyssey kicked off during the ‘90s when he absorbed the sounds of iconic bands across all genres. Groups such as Youth of Today and Shelter left a permanent influence on Slatz, showcasing that it was possible to unleash unbridled intensity while remaining spiritual and compassionate, which would become the foundation for Slatz’s artistic identity.

Slatz interview 'Snake Eyes'

Slatz’s musical palate is a rich tapestry, woven together with threads from punk icons like Suicidal Tendencies, the powerful guitar and vocals of Rage Against the Machine, the grunge legends Nirvana and The Pixies, and the relentless energy of The Melvins, Linkin Park, and Korn.

But that’s not all. Slatz draws inspiration from the ’90s punk wave, nu-metal, and even electronic-tinged acts like The Prodigy and Chemical Brothers.

Unlike most bands, Slatz is unafraid to experiment with a variety of styles and genres in order to stay true to his creative impulses.

Playing just one style of music would just bore me, it would be like painting with only one colour; I prefer to use the entire palette and then bring out the spray paint.”

“Yes, it’s a bit of a copout not sticking to one style or genre, but I would end up just writing the same generic style of songs and lose inspiration. I would easily get bored with my own music.”

Slatz’s wide range of styles can be attributed to his love of collaborating with other musicians, blending their unique approaches to music into an entirely new blend of raw creative energy.

“Working with other musicians often takes the art in a different direction which always keeps my froth levels high. I also always learn new ways to approach the music and the production”

To date, Slatz has collaborated with many notable musicians such as Billy Graziadei from Biohazard / Powerflo / BillyBio, Tanner Wayne from In Flames, Adam Ramey from The Dropout Kings, and J-Figure from Aussie trap metal legends, The Weight of Silence, with many more in the works.

Although Slatz has only a handful of songs released, we are lucky to sample a few songs set for release in 2024.

Songs like Reflections of Self take us on a deep dive into the clutches of anxiety, with a sound reminiscent of iconic bands like Biohazard and Pantera.

As well as nu-metal anthems such as Unleashed, full of catchy hooks and flowing rap verses. 12th Round pays homage to the sounds of Madball and Lionheart, while the darker side of trap-metal shines through throughout Petrified and Questions.

Thankfully, Slatz will be releasing a new song every two to four weeks, ensuring our musical appetites are well fed. November 3rd sees his latest single Positive Hardcore, aptly named after its first draft, finding it to fit the track in its simplicity.

This track features the unmistakable energy of Tanner Wayne from In Flames. “Tanner absolutely crushed the drums on this track and I can’t wait to get this one out to the world,” Slatz said. 

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