Arturia launches FX Collection 2: an epic new suite of plugins

Arturia has unveiled FX Collection 2. With 22 processors, it combines the warmth of vintage analog effects with a modern DAW-based workflow.

Arturia has released an expanded production suite, adding new plugins to its FX Collection 2. With a focus on the classic processors of yesteryear, the new suite offers up more than 20 plugins that cover a host of mixing requirements.

Founded in France, Arturia is known as a specialist in the development of music software and hardware for professional and amateur musicians and producers alike.

BUS Force

And whilst their first release of the FX Collection was well-received with fifteen effects plugins, fans are revelling in the fact that the latest release offers a bit more bang-for-buck with 22.

Some of the new additions include Bus FORCE. It’s a powerful and completely original processor with four distinct modules: filter, EQ, compressor and saturation. No doubt you’ll see it strapped across many a stereo bus in the near future.

The Comp DIODE-609 is based on an iconic British stereo compressor and limiter with a distinctly characterful crunchy response — perfect for slamming drums! The EQ SITRAL-295 is a classic stereo EQ with gentle musical curves and warm transistor feel, based on the classic ‘70s Siemens broadcast console.

Beyond that, all sort of mixing tools across multiple domains — including mix bus, modulation, compression, delay, reverb, preamps, and filters — are at your fingertips.

For more info, head over to Arturia.