This photographer uses spherical mirrors to create minute, abstract universes

As above, so below: this photographer uses spherical mirrors to create minute, abstract universes

Sometimes its the simplest ideas, flawlessly executed, that produce the most awe-inspiring results. And the new series from Swiss photographer Sebastian Magnani does just that.

Titled Reflections, the project saw Magnani using spherical mirrors reflecting celestial images set against earthly landscapes: burned wood, petal-strewn turf, forest floors. Juxtaposition is the key to creating these worlds, a sharp contrast between the heavens above and the ground below.


In his latest series, series photographer Sebastian Magnani has been creating minute, abstract universes using cleverly placed spherical mirrors.

Published on Bored Panda, the series is described by Magnani himself:

“It’s like a universe, a small planet, with a number of risk’s in distinction of buildings, colors, moods and numerous lightnings, the fascination of interaction like nature and civilization, or the gravitation between life and death, such as in the rose blossoms, in which the tree in the mirror full of life and color radiates, on the floor, the sheet but already on is wilting.

And finally, a really important thing, the key for self-development, the self-reflection, which is always crucial to progress. Compare new with the old, removed again, be fond of discovery, then back to the origins, an interplay that keeps us moving, we can feel the life.”

Check it out below and see more of Magnani’s work here.

[via Bored Panda]