New photo book reveals the dark underbelly of L.A’s Golden Age

From the headline crime of the Black Dahlia to the petty corruption of mayors and cops, Los Angeles from 1920s through to the 1950s was a pretty messed up place.

Now, a new book published by Taschen titled Dark City. The Real Los Angeles Noir is set to reveal the city’s dark underbelly with a new collection of photography.

Dark City. The Real Los Angeles Noir is a new photo book that documents the wild underbelly of mid-20th century L.A. 

In the years following World War I, Los Angeles was a city awakening to its darker side, transforming itself from a backwater town to a gleaming metropolis and city of the future,” Taschen say.

But along the way a tarnished patina began to coat its ever-more glamorous façade.”

This new book is a visual history like no other, bringing together a huge collection of visual documentation of L.A’s darker side.

Filled with rare magazine clippings and crime headlines, this new book is journey through one of the most bizarre eras in one of the world’s most bizarre city.

Dark City. The Real Los Angeles Noir is available now through Taschen.

Check out a selection of the photos below:

Via AnOther.