As if you needed them, here are 8 reasons you need to grab yourself a ticket to Bluesfest 2017

Bluesfest is one of few Aussie festivals that gets music lovers of all ages simultaneously seething with anticipation every time an artist announcement is on the horizon. Throughout the festival’s history they have featured an assortment of performers opening up their gates to not only blues purists but rap artists, rock n roll legends, local performers and more.

Their very first 2017 artist announcement proves their commitment to offering something for everyone is going strong.bluesfest

One of the most diverse festivals in Australia, Bluesfest never fails to deliver with their lineup. The latest is no exception, and we’ll tell you why.

Here are my top eight reasons that Bluesfest’s first artist announcement makes next year’s festival a MUST.

Buddy Guy blew our minds in 2014 and he’s sure to do it again

When blues veteran and guitar god Buddy Guy played the festival in 2014 things got sassy, and things most definitely got sexy! This time round the polka dot wearing legend will be playing Bluesfest exclusively, and following the release of his latest LP, and his greatest of the past decade, Born To Play Guitar, it’s something everyone should experience in the flesh.

Legend has it that a young Jimmy Hendrix would sneak into Buddy’s live shows, and write down how and what he was playing so that he could go home and emulate exactly what he’d seen and heard. So, if he’s good enough for Hendrix, then he’s good enough for us all. Bow down, and lay your spirit in the palm of Buddy’s hands. At 80 years old, this may very well be his last visit to the land down under. Don’t be the fool who misses out.

Because it features some of the best blues artists on earth who probably wouldn’t have brought themselves to Australia if it weren’t for the festival

For the blues hungry kids of Aus, watching tours featuring Jeff Beck, Bonnie Raitt, Buddy Guy, Jimmie Vaughan, and the likes take place across the US and UK, there’s always a sense of disappointment in knowing that they probably won’t bring their guitar slingin’ asses this way, but that’s where Bluesfest comes in.

The festival has continued to place blues artists of all levels in their line-ups, sometimes bringing them out for an entire Aussie tour, and other times to play exclusively. If you take a moment to think about Australia minus Bluesfest, chances are there would be one gaping hole in the shape of a guitar…

As well as seeing some Bluesfest regulars, you’ll get to discover a range of old, and upcoming artists

It’s no news that Bluesfest is renowned for its diversity, and each year there’s always an act or seven to discover, whether it’s an old favourite that you haven’t heard of, or an upcoming band that Peter Noble thinks we should all get a taste of. You won’t leave the festival grounds without becoming infatuated with at least one new artist – it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll find yourself with an entirely revamped Spotify playlist once the festival’s gates have closed.

Patti Smith

Patti goddamn Smith performing Horses for what will be her Bluesfest debut and her first Aussie show in a long while. Need I say more? I think not.

In true Bluesfest style, there are sure to be some phenomenal onstage collaborations

Those who attend Bluesfest regularly would know that each year there’s sure to be one seriously delicious on stage collaboration that takes the audience and sometimes even the staff by surprise. Some of the best collaborations have included 2015’s G. Love, Jack Johnson and friends, 2013’s Mavis Staples and Bonnie Raitt, and 2014’s Joss Stone and Jeff Beck.

It’s such a common and anticipated thing that the peeps over at Bluesfest have put together their very own top 10 list, detailing their favourite on stage collabs. Check it out for yourselves

The line-up is already an assortment of genres which means there will be someone for every friend to get down to

For those friendly folks who choose to do festivals in groups and find themselves getting into disagreements with mates over who to see next, Bluesfest could be the answer. Judging from past years and this first announcement, next year’s festival is already looking to feature a mixture of artists from a wide range of genres, so it’s easy to assume that by the time the entire line-up is out there will be one or two artists to keep every friend feeling intoxicated.

If the first announcement is of such a high calibre one can only imagine how spectacular the remaining announcements will be

It’s no secret that some artist announcements aren’t as exciting as others, but the first for 2017 is one to get any music enthusiast frothing. The best part about it all is that if these were the best they had to offer they wouldn’t have chucked them all into the first announcement, meaning there’s sure to be some mammoth line-ups on their way and according to the festival organisers the second is only around the corner.

What a bloody treat.

Because Bluesfest is ALWAYS a good idea!

If you’ve read through this entire list and have found yourself here, then you have probably gathered that this point speaks for itself. Bluesfest is the granddaddy of great festivals in Aus and welcomes and accommodates people of all ages, from all walks of life and doesn’t for one second compromise the level of goodness it’s been known to give.

Bluesfest helps to keep the blues alive and thriving and has been instilling a healthy appreciation of the genre into kids, teens and late blooming adults all across the country for over 25 years. If that isn’t reason enough to get yourself a ticket, then I really don’t know what is.