ASHWARYA delivers R&B, pop, & electronic gem ‘Why’s It Gotta Hurt’

Australian-Indian polymath ASHWARYA delivers her latest EP, “Why’s It Gotta Hurt,” a meticulous merge of R&B, pop, & electronic.

There is an incredible wealth of talent pouring outta Sydney at the moment, and leading the charge is ASHWARYA, with her sublime new EP that is all kinds of good.

Fusing perfect production with formidable vocal chops, she has crafted an opus that lays bare all of the feels that make us human. All of the longing, longing, desire, mania, present a searing self-portrait of a psyche in flux.


The standout track, “Enough,” serves as a sequel to her previous hit, “Up In My Head,” showcasing ASHWARYA’s adept storytelling.

ASHWARYA’s background, shaped by her diverse upbringing and strong Asian roots, plays a big role in her music. In a music scene where Asian artists like Yung Singh, Jyoty, and groups like No Kerfew are gaining traction, ASHWARYA brings her own distinct viewpoint to the ever-changing musical landscape.


ASHWARYA is set to bring her sound to the stage, starting in Sydney at OAF Gallery Bar on October 5th, followed by a performance at Workers Club, Melbourne, on October 14th, and SXSW.

“Why’s It Gotta Hurt” is set to be a significant chapter in ASHWARYA’s musical journey, pushing the boundaries of contemporary pop.


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